Thursday, 19 August 2010

Richard Dawkins on Faith Schools

Richard Dawkins

On Wednesday 18th August at 9.00pm More 4 broadcast 'Faith School Menace?' an exploration by Richard Dawkins on the possible consequences of faith based education.
Even before the final credits had rolled various religious wingnuts were busy posting their delusional views online, thus proving beyond doubt, the validity of Dawkins' assertion that faith based education may contribute to irrational beliefs. In this case, it certainly prompted some very irrational outbursts.
It's a great pity that the programme was not broadcast on a more popular channel, where its message would have reached a wider audience. I'm saddened, but not surprised, that the woolly minded cultural relativists who run much of our mainstream media are reluctant to promote Professor Dawkins' rationalist beliefs. It would be refreshing indeed, to have some serious debate in the UK about the potential harm inflicted upon our nation's children by their indoctrination into potentially dangerous religious convictions.
However, the present respect agenda, which seeks to protect religious beliefs from criticism, makes it unlikely that Dawkins' concerns will be widely debated. I'm sure though, that we will continue to be urged by the PC brigade to respect the views of those who's beliefs suggest they're about as bright as winter in Alaska. Coincidentally, Sarah Palin's home state. 

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