Tuesday, 22 March 2011

If you'd like a fun poem to perk up your day,
Then learn and recite 'The Verb/Adverb Way'

A few lines of erotic literary lyricism


 The verb/adverb way to start the day

Wake gradually,
Yawn luxuriously,
Sigh sleepily,
Stretch languidly,
Scratch contentedly,
Touch tenderly,
Caress lovingly,
Persuade coaxingly,
Kiss erotically,
Swell manfully,
Rise hurriedly,
Apologise profusely,
Leave quickly,
Piss ecstatically,
Shake vigorously,
Fart quietly,
Return sheepishly,
Speak flatteringly,
Resume eagerly,
Lick lasciviously,
Rub unceasingly,
Harden perceptibly,
Lubricate discretely,
Enter slowly,
Slide gently,
Build consistently,
Move arousingly,
Listen attentively
Thrust furiously,
Moan convincingly,
Climax noisily,
Come copiously,
Subside sensuously,
Withdraw carefully,
Wipe thoroughly,
Compliment sincerely
Thank gratefully,
Look adoringly,
Smile smugly,
Depart regretfully.

© James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers: Time I think for relieving the depression of this interminable winter. I hope everyone enjoys this piece of erotic whimsy, and accepts it in the tongue-in-cheek spirit, in which it was written.
This is meant to be read with increasing tempo to the climax and then a slow subside to the departure.
Have fun!
Kind regards to all, James.


  1. Very clever, very funny, love it :)

  2. From relaxing to arousing to pleasurable satisfaction and all the bits in between. One should never regret, there is always next time. I like the tongue in cheek in your words, an enjoyable read. Nicely done.


  3. Perhaps if presented in this manner, high school students would be more eager to learn grammar! And thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my poem in response to your prompt.

  4. I'm smilin, remembering the days of youth. The "look adoringly" was a nice touch.

  5. james, you suceeded marvelously...i leave with a smile...

  6. "Smile smugly"

    An unnecessary intruction if ever there was one. ;-)

    What an interesting form you've come up with, here, James.

  7. Oh my! ROLF "Moan convincingly, Climax noisily" ahaha. Indeed clever and brilliant, and it has a great flow too.

  8. I loved this one James. Though it did make me blush as I am a bit shy about erotic subject matter.

  9. Read adoringly. Thanks. - Brendan

  10. Nothing premature here!(as my cheeks glow crimson!) Fun, racey, hot little mess indeed, and I mean that as the sincerest form of compliment. My heart flies lighter...thank you :)

  11. Great write, James. Spring pulses in all our veins, I think. xxxj

  12. I chuckled. You really do have a way with words. :)

  13. Forget all that copious advice about minimizing the use of adverbs. They certainly work here!

  14. another great post. I wish I could subscribe to your blog but my connection would freak at a live feed (living in the woods in France - dongle based connection)

  15. I'm breathing heavily! This was fantastic. So many gems in here...."Piss ecstatically"...too good. Envious. Vb

  16. Not a bad "how to" list, I must say! ;)

  17. Ha ha ha- thanks for making me smile- this is brilliant (and scarily well observed!) very clever indeed- loved it - great wordplay

  18. Thanks to all for the comments. So pleased I brightened your day Stuart.

  19. Fun structure filled with a few too many head nodding moments beginning with 'Apologize profusely', creative and knowing smile inducing.

  20. Oh, how I wish I could use this as a check-list but it seems that all I will be able to do in the morning is piss ecstatically.

    Very clever!

  21. Swell manfully...haha. nice...some really nice touches in this james...did not remember straight off from before...and after reading vigorously, i depart smilingly...

  22. So so funny, just shared this with my husband who also chuckled at it. Thanks for cheering me up.

  23. I could just repost my previous comment...but knowing you a little better...I'm smiling even more, and certainly controlling the blushing better than last time...what are you people doing to me! lol Thank you James...I needed to giggle like a schoolgirl today!

  24. Ha..ha...I love the erotic fun display. Sighs sweetly :-)

    (aka Heaven)

  25. I think you covered it quite nicely! Very cool!

  26. Ha! A lot of fun! I love Beth's comment. I will admit to the pissing (rather than the farting!) Lovely poem. k.

  27. haha james...this was awesome...thanks for the smile and at times i even laughed out good

  28. I think you succeeded splendidly. Well done.

  29. Nice job and use of verbs. Put a nice picture in my head,lol.

  30. what a powerful wordfall,

    amazing play on humor.

  31. intimate words and imagery, powerful humor and poetry.

  32. lol Enjoyed.

  33. Expertly put together & extremely entertaining ~ good one James :)

  34. You're a lovely naughtly boy! I love this! :)) xoxo ~jackie dick~

  35. John Anstie sent me to your site. Lovely poem, James. Enjoyed and thanks for posting.

  36. third time is still the charm....

  37. Love the build up and the climax, very clever.

  38. Ha.. yes 50 % is still a success

  39. You make it clear that eroticism is a source of great verbs and the there is most definitely a role for adverbs. See, I told you, Stephen King!


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