Sunday, 13 March 2011

Nicotine Queen

Original photograph by: Fee Easton

For the gloriously addicted. May they always inspire us.

Nicotine Queen
I'm one of life's serious smokers
Not one of your three-a-day jokers
Who claim they can quit whenever they choose,
Or, only light up when they're out on the booze.

Oh no! I'm a nicotine queen.
By my looks you may guess where I've been,
What pleasures I've had for being so bad
What joys I have missed by looking so sad.

Yet, please don't despair for my fate.
Or, imagine for me it's too late.
Don't judge me for looking a fright,
Just come here, and give me a light.

For, I am a nicotine queen,
Who's enjoyed the foul weed since a teen.
I'm one of life's serious smokers,
Not one of your three-a-day jokers.

James Rainsford 2011

This remarkable photograph was taken by Fee Easton. Check out her work and interview at:


  1. nice repitition...maybe a small sense of pride in being there...

  2. Very nice take on the prompt! Thanks for posting. xxJenne'

  3. Appreciate the fact that you brought humor to this image—after reading 40 poems, I wasn't sure if that was possible. Also appreciate the irony of a non-serious poem about a serious smoker.

  4. Nice take on the photo and I like Adam enjoyed the more light hearted road you travelled with this poem

  5. Yay! This was fun, light, this me!? Perhaps you have unintentionally penned me a new theme song!lol There's something to be said for standing firm in your convictions/addictions and not feeling the need to defend or make excuses...all hail the nicotine queen. :)

  6. I like the rhyme - but even more, I like the Nicotine Queen telling her story withotu apology. Nice one.

  7. powerful take.
    well penned.


    Thanks for the lovely contribution to potluck on week 25,

    week 26 is open NOW, we treasury your poetry

    And hope to see you in shortly…old poems are welcome!


  8. ha, this is great...nice fun rhyming play with this photo prompt :)

  9. a brash one, she is...I like that you gave her a set...if you care to my take

    Peace, hp


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