Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lesson in Falling Over


                                                         If you practice falling over
                                                         You can become quite skilled.
                                                         Avoiding knees grazed,
                                                         Elbows skinned.
                                                         Of course, when you begin
                                                         You must, first place your trust
                                                         In one who is prepared
                                                         To care enough
                                                         To pick the pieces up.

                                                         Eventually, you will become,
                                                         Sufficiently adept to fall for fun,
                                                         Even when attended by
                                                         Inept yet trying strangers.

                                                         You will however, quickly learn
                                                         The danger of
                                                         Their slow to catch concern.
                                                         And that, if you persist
                                                         In going down,
                                                         They’ll be delighted to
                                                         Assist your fall,
                                                         With all the force
                                                         Their lack of love
                                                         Can give the shove
                                                         Which puts you down
                                                         For good.

                                                         ©James Rainsford 2011

Posted as my contribution to One Shot Wednesday on 25th May 2011.  Your views are very welcome and I'll try to respond to all who express an opinion.  Please click on the comment tab below. 


  1. wow, this was an interesting one because the tone seemed lighter while the content was dark. i hope that makes sense. i really liked this one. unfortunately, i've known some who take pleasure in the fall of others. some of the most sinister people around, they are.

  2. Once too often a call of "wolf" can attract a deserving result beyond the perceived need! A clever overturn of an old cliche!

  3. Amen, James! I have fallen, oh so many times, with the scars upon body, soul and heart to prove it. Often I have felt ghost hands pushing, and thought myself crazy until I seen the smirking faces as I pulled myself up! Thought this yet another fantastic write, that will be much shared and enjoyed...Thank you :)

  4. There's a lot of life wisdom required in learning how to fall, and you've written an excellent treatise on the art of it here. I love the well built crescendo to the final lines as much as the ending itself, with its jaundiced but oh so accurate squint.

  5. Now this is a cautionary tale!

  6. oh dear goddess. you've obviously met my ex!

  7. envy the moonmen
    forever in fleet freefall
    never impact earth

  8. I ever love your work, James. Always amazing takeaways. I have a poem up and a link to a review-- would love your take on both when you have a minute. xxxj

  9. Love this, the wisdom, the wry undertone. Universal truth.

  10. bravo.
    Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your input is valued.

    Happy Friday!
    Hope to see you in!

    love your work.


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