Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The city sleeps now,
caged and tamed behind
my mind’s most sensual schemes.
And here, where starlight
shines between the bars
of my desire, you wait.
Not looking at the lover’s moon
or me,
but sensing with distracted eyes,
the fearsome ties, which
bind us to the joy to come,
and gives our fun some purpose
far beyond the trap I’d built to house
the sweet compliance of your lust.
I wake regretfully, 
and all this promise turns to dust.

Far below the city's squalor
waits the coming dawn.
When open cages
spill onto its stony streets
the remnants of
 our scarce remembered dreams.

©James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers: Posted to Pot Luck at Jingle Poetry on Monday 18th July. This poem was written as a response to this intriguing image. Your views are most welcome. Please click on the comments tab below.


  1. Quite a dream prison. Stunning lines in both poem and photo. Great emphasis on the fleeting quality of dreams at the end.

  2. this has some nice grit to it the description of the after in the last stanza...the spilling out remnant...wishing i could go back to that house built of lust...

  3. A very polished and sincere take on love, fantasy and dream--lines I esp liked for their toothsomeness ( a word to match the photo subject) were "..the bars of my desire...the trap I’d built to house/the sweet compliance of your lust.." and the entire sonorous closing stanza. A beautiful piece, James. (I am wondering why she has her shoes on, but hey. ;_) )

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  5. The dreamscape you conveyed
    Really caused thoughts to be laid
    I agree the image is full on intrigue
    As into it your words dig
    Like how you used the waking of day
    Through the cage opening and once again people set forth in there dismay
    Only to long for what they dreamt past
    Wishing the day away fast

  6. You have such a unique eye, James, not only in your photography, but also in your mind's eye. I can see this perfectly, and yet never would have thought of it.

  7. Delightful piece, James - just as fine as the image that inspired it. Looks quite in thought, she does, caught by that prison in the sky...lovely reflection on dreams. The second stanza, which reads essentially as an epilogue flows out in a fine cascade that captures wholly the mood of the work. Fine stuff.

  8. I awake regretfully and all this dust...

    oh the sadest way to wake...and all is sweet, yet the loss of love....bkm

  9. Dreams are fascinating things. This lovely poem intertwines city, home and dreams together, as dreams do. Beautiful.

  10. Another write that will linger long after I leave this space. As always, masterfully weaved words, combined with mysterious and compelling image...(I noted the shoes as well!lol) The choice of language reads beautifully, but the sadness stays at the end. Dare to dream! Wonderful!

  11. I don't know how you do it but you have such a talent for hitting the target dead centre every time:

    but sensing with distracted eyes,
    the fearsome ties, which
    bind us to the joy to come...

  12. This is as previous comments have stated, bang on. Eerie and dark, but yet always hopeful something better is on its way. Great one shot James

  13. Erotic image matched and contrasted with a set of sensual and sadder lines

  14. Great write! I love the final lines. I'm going to go ponder if I have any remnants that need to be let out of their cage... :)

  15. nice! great poem n pic

  16. great imagery,
    Thanks for linking.

  17. That's one of the best poems about dreams I've read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great picture to go with it, too!

  18. I love this, the picture the words it's really quite sexy. I love the imagery


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