Saturday, 16 July 2011

Venus in a Public Bar

So beautiful that time slowed to silence,
She moved through memories,
Disturbing dominoes, reviving dreams.
Inciting whispers and wistful
Glances from old men,
Who regretfully remembered,
When such beauties as they’d known
Still had long lives ahead
And hopeful futures in an antique bed.

©James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers: My first contribution to the potential future customers of dVersePoetry. I hope the final preparations all go to plan. Looking forward to the official opening. Cheers! James.


  1. smoking james...or perhaps i need to now...smiles. so you are singing tonight for the opening right...isnt that what i heard? smiles.

    yeah we got a few things to work out but it will all be ready come tuesday....

  2. I can hear the tune Sir. James! L'il devil aren't you! Was looking forward to your appearance this evening, and as per the norm, it did not disappoint! Let's raise our glasses shall James, to poetry and to d'Verse! Cheers :)

  3. ha - you took me right there... they are in every bar around the world...both of them...Disturbing dominoes..i love this..very strong image.. and good to see you at dVerse James

  4. Ah, I try never to see my memories as they might be now--that would be a shock, and memories like this are made to drift you away from the tame domino game and off into the stuff of which dreams were made. They are indeed best talked about over a raised glass, in this case a virtual one. Glad to join you tonight at the pub.

  5. Yeah every bar around the globe is the same, no matter where you're at, always find ones like this, well told!

  6. Beauty slowed time to silence - priceless and I enjoyed the twist of time when youth was ensconced on an antique bed. Put me in mind of that unsinkable Molly Brown and her brass bed. She sure could belly up to the bar with the boys even when they included European royalty. Quite a tight right for our opening night! Come back anytime, you know the doors will always swing open for you!

  7. We're definitely at the pub now.

  8. i kinda enjoyed it:)

    nice to meet you.

  9. That last line is just a beauty, James. I absolutely love it.

  10. thats when we feel like breaking a rule or two :)

  11. You've set the scene wonderfully. I love dominoes and antique beds... I mean the references in your verse, not necessarily real world (at least not that I'd admit publicly). This is an amazing piece that encompasses so much in its succinct voice.

  12. Wonderful write that evokes what I know (and experience) of aging...only it's gender reversed. :0)

  13. Beautiful with a touch of melancholy. Enjoyed reading it and re-reading it.

  14. interesting one. great blog!


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