Sunday, 24 July 2011


There are shoes
made for walking
and stalking
and running,
 for prancing and dancing.
and smoothly romancing.
Shoes built for soccer,
or cycling and hiking
for climbing and mourning,
or circus performing.
Shoes made for hire
or fighting a fire.
 But the shoes I admire
are those which inspire
the writing of verse
and sometimes, much worse. 

Note to readers: I've linked this poem before to dVerse Poets, but decided to share it again, as I think it may just inspire one of The Deadly Sins. I leave you to decide which one. ;-) Your views are welcome please click on the comments tab below


  1. james...i had something incredibly witty to say but the picture accompanying this so confounded me that i lost it...smiles. that inspire verse...

    oh i could write a 1000 and then some...smiles.

  2. whoa... i would never have thought you would write this kind of post. i was mistaken...

    guess you inspired me to write some more...uh verses ~

    happy sunday~

  3. AKA Tom Eliot:

    Fantastic - i too share your admiration for that particular brand of shoe.

    Cheeky deviance with wit to boot.

    I really enjoyed this poem James.I also found the picture to be somewhat... moving.

  4. Oh and that's why we choose them so carefully!

  5. I don't know how many will still be thinking of shoes after admiring your pic, lol. And, it's definitely an excellent motivation to keep up the exercises!

    Fun poem :)

  6. Oh wow that picture it's quite hot yeah? lol Awesome poem I love "Shoes for hire" very clever

  7. Oh, my. That photo is what my confessor would call a near occasion of sin. Whew.

    Splendid poem, though, with a wry twist at the end.


  8. Sorry I missed this this weekend--it's dry humor gave me a smile, and holds quite a bit of truth as well. The photo is a masterpiece of strategic placement.

  9. Wow! That's quite a pair of heels...

  10. wow that's a fast one

  11. lol,these shoes scream "torture" but she screams "sexy" lol. This was a fun read, happy gardening!!! :)

  12. Cheeky fun piece. Nicely done.


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