Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Infinity might be a lie.
 You and I shall cease to be
 All humanity eventually will die.

That time and space
May race to singularity
Can give a freedom
Which eternity denies,
Winds chains of hope around
Our scope for action.

Cosmic reaction to the gravity
Of mass despair
Will make a solar flare
Seem small compared to ends
Which physics teach.
Though we could reach
A billion, billion years,
Still, human fears,
Banish tears enshrined
In finding reasons.

Sufficient seasons notice change,
Time for rearrangement of the wrong.
Prolong the outward song
Restructure stars
When farthest worlds are fried
Inside the sphere of solar death.
The breath of life can last,
But not surpass the final fate.
Which waits
Expansion or Collapse?

Perhaps we’ll live as far
As light from farthest stars
Has yet to run.
Begun to know
How atoms grow
To complex double helix,
Mixing mind and space
In the same race,
To glean some meaning
From our cosmic place.
While some ask why
Let you and I
Sigh “Just as well.”
Fulfil our now with
Simple shrines which
Minds like mine can comprehend.
Face the feeling all shall end
By sending song of this small race
To chase along the space
Between the stars.
And, confront the final days
With humble words of human praise,
To raise amazement;
Even from the gods.

© James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers: Another poem attempting to work through our complex and mysterious relationship with the cosmos. This is a theme to which I frequently return. It seems to me, both important and worthy of poetic, as well as scientific exploration. 
Your views are welcome. I'll try to respond to all who comment. My kind regards to all who visit here. James.
Posted as my contribution to dVerse Poets Open Link Night on 25th October.


  1. I think it is a lie too, everything ends no matter what, may move on to something new, but that too will end and so on and so forth. Humans really know nothing in the grand scheme of things, no matter how much some think they do. Still say it ends and now you've got me thinking geez..haha

  2. I love the idea of infinity being in every moment of the now.

    kinda makes the day worth living.


  3. you open the cosmos to our eyes...and may we use the now for what its worth and not live in hope we have eternity to accomplish what it is we are called to do...

  4. Beautiful poem, infinity is a lie as everything has a beginning and an ending. Infinity exists in comparison. And the cosmos is a point to ponder of the greatness of its Creator.

  5. I saw your photos, they are unbelievable. Thank you.

  6. Very worthwhile musings, and thoughts of infinity are brought down to less daunting proportions in the final stanzas. Adept use of internal rhyme and the well-chosen word, as always.

  7. I like the reflective write on infinity and beyond. Expansion or collapse - reasonates with me. Perhaps all that we can do is admire its beauty in all its mystery and amazing life, space unknown ~

  8. From the tiniest double helix to the infinity of the universe..... Poets have forever searched the skies in that same sense of wonderment James.... It's truly amazing that we have shared these same feelings with others over the millennia, huh?

  9. Let you and I
    Sigh “Just as well.”
    Fulfil our now with
    Simple shrines which
    Minds like mine can comprehend.

    I'm thankful for those who seek and ponder, but I do hope even they are able to relax and enjoy "now". Lots to think about with this poem.

  10. It is definitely worthy of the poetic to ponder eternity. There are many questions, and those who don't wonder must surely be dead inside. I myself love to look up at the stars and remember just how small I am.

  11. Wow, James, I commend you on looking at the BIG picture and asking your readers to reassess what they think they know about this existence of ours. Lots to mull over here.

  12. This really makes me think, James. If I were the hypnotizable kind I'd regress to before my birth, even before my conception and come back to tell you the details of the party. I'm picturing a lot of fun and great clothes worn. Excellent champagne too.

  13. We are but a speck in an infinite universe. Great poem!

  14. Great poem, James. We are just a speck in all this.......


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