Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fort Hood Texas
November 2009

What good’s intelligence
If it fails to inform the secret
Watchers of our deeds
How an ancient desert creed
Can convince a fertile mind
To find religious reasons
To extinguish life?

We must believe these
Haters of our lives
For they tell us every day
Our way must be destroyed.

What will it take, for us
Who love and value life,
To finally awake?

© James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers: I guess this needs no explanation. I've posted it here,  as it challenges the dangerous outcomes which inevitably result from certainty.
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  1. You have made me think and I am reminded of a piece of advice someone gave me and that is to "always remain teachable" I know for me once I think I know it all I find myself in deep trouble. Why is it so hard for humans to be more open-minded? Thanks for linking up with us this weekend. Really enjoyed this.

  2. luke warm is never a good place to be... nice insight

  3. anger, hatred may remind us of dying piece in life, but we are in charge, we can make life more illuminating by giving love and understanding.

    awesome pondering.
    Happy Tuesday,

  4. How strange it is that we are so susceptible to hate, how easy we are to manipulate. We must indeed wake up and give life the value it deserves.

    Anna :o]

  5. So true, it would be nice if many heeded such words and awoke, instead of just following some blind hateful devotion

  6. i swear i commented on this the other day when you had it up for poetics....really a tragedy and what was known prior to it happening...what is it that blackens a heart to take such steps...

  7. Hate destroys and distorts our thinking. It is sad when innocent lives suffer and die because of this ~


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