Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Poem for My Wife

No ‘work of words’ for you.
Why such omission,
when you’ve meant more
than all of those
who’ve gone before?

I guess, because with you
I’ve felt no sense of loss.
No reason to disperse my fear
of loneliness with words.
Or need to harness your belief in me
by fixing pain upon a printed page.

© James Rainsford 2012

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  1. Simply & elegantly put, James...a contented glow of happiness shines off this poem :)

  2. kind of left me speechless! this is more than just a 'love' poem- its a 'life' poem. Fantastically written, and just shows that sometimes the most powerful, personal poetry can be a few thoughtful, precise and deftly crafted lines- not an essay or lines and lines of prose- this is just...well..WOW!

  3. whew it was the last two lines that knocked the breath out of me does take a special person to fulfill this though...nicely penned man...

  4. This is so true. We romantic poets usually write of the angst of love or, loss of it. Refreshing to read a poet who never felt in need of declaring it just because he was happy in his love.

  5. Yes, exactly, James. This is why I very seldom write for or about my own husband. It just doesn't apply. the simplicity here does more than a thousand complex constructions to bring the message home.

  6. We do so take for granted, don't we.
    Although....the "never having to say how much ....." is a recognition in itself.
    Being an infant poet, I have to say that the universal Angst has daunted me. So this is a real treat.

  7. I loved this. Such sweet love

    Peace to you

  8. ah, perfect love... I think this ranks among the best love poems I've ever read, James - it warms me, it reminds me what is possible

  9. Absolutely brilliant James. Indeed, I DID wonder why you didn't write anything for your wife, or thought maybe you just hadn't shared it. Love this piece for an extremely worthy lady!

  10. Wonderfully written, when you have that one person nothing needs to be said and at the same time all is said.

  11. Your spousal love is so very sweet,
    and only a little bitter, as you take
    only a few lines and express more
    than some of us do with pages of
    printed pain; nice job, you lucky
    man, husband, poet.

  12. This is so elegantly voiced!
    Tangible and beautiful :)

  13. I like this gentle and lovely writing...very nice James ~

  14. So true. I've been asked the same. Why no poem about me? And I say because you make me happy. Excellente!

  15. A beautiful tribute to your wife...truly speaks of the calmness she provides for your soul...bkm

  16. What a lovely tribute to the love you hold for her--my heart sings for you!

  17. So glad you didn't feel the need to write anything. She is fortunate.

  18. What a lovely wife you are blessed with, James, for you to write that you have no sense of loss or having to disperse with fear. The poem has a very meaningful ending. :-)

  19. Clever and very poignant, James. I like this a lot.

    Sometimes I think that poets have a need to convey anxt and pain and deeply felt emotion, but sometimes we must also be able to write stuff that represents normality - whatever that means to each of us - life that can exist from time to time without pain, but with gratitude.

  20. You express this so well. As I think about it, I've never written a poem specifically for my husband either. Perhaps because there hasn't been that loss or uncertainty that often tinges that poetic work of ours. Occasional homicidal ideation--maybe :0)

    You new look is fine. Especially enjoyed having the "About" in full view.


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