Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Time and Seasons

Time and seasons take high tolls,
Unweaving links which bound young souls.
Neglected steps foretell the end
Too steep to climb, too late to mend.
Once planted deep in fertile ground
Love’s tendrils have become unwound.
Filling spaces with regret
Recalling times love can’t forget,
Lamenting life’s sad isolation
Singing songs of separation.

©James Rainsford 2012

Note to readers: Here is another arresting photo which I felt required a poem. I have used rhyming couplets to elucidate what the picture evokes in me. 
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  1. Once in that spot
    It tends to rot
    So many should be aware
    And avoid such an affair
    Very nicely told by you
    And rhymed too

  2. i think the key word in this is neglect....that will surely unwind these bonds faster than anything...and once it starts it takes lots of effort to get back...

  3. That is indeed an evocative picture, and your words suit it well, that feeling of too much emotional undergrowth to cut through--interesting that the man looks so despairing, and the woman almost impassive.Especially liked the flavor of 'too steep to climb, too late to mend..'

  4. Lovely rhyming verse- on a subject sadly far too familiar for some. Once broken it can be very hard to fix- if at all. P.s- you got the theme of mine bang on you clever so n so!

  5. It is so sad when we neglect to tend to loving relationships--lovely write James! Sometimes though--we managed to rediscover the other--and that is always a hopeful moment for me--

  6. Sad song of the love tendrils unwounding ~ Nice one ~

  7. A wonderfully crafted poem, clear and sharp with wisdom that sculpts thought and emotion to its tune.

  8. Rhyming couplets in tetrameter, even. But, regardless of this, James, the poem has such depth and almost every line uses language that must resonate with anyone who's been in love. Very strong poem.

    Being in a musical frame of mind that I am at the moment, this reminds me of the very special song by an American duo called 'The Civil Wars' called "Poison and Wine". Look 'em up, you may like it. Their name hails from what they describe as 'Life's little battles'

  9. Beautifully deep. What wonderful couplets.


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