Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It’s a Man’s World?

The first thing I need upon waking,
Is a comforting hot cup of tea,
So I turn to my wife to determine
If the maker shall be her; or me.

Sadly, I find her pretending
To be not awake, but asleep,
So I shake her to see if she’s faking
And she opens her eyes for a peep.

Then enquires why I have disturbed her,
As she was having a wonderful dream,
So I relate my strong wish for a ‘cuppa,’
Which caused an incredulous scream.

Aware that my actions are thoughtless
I give her a kiss and a smile,
So she rises to put on the kettle
And I gratefully sleep for a while.

Upon waking a half-hour later
My tea is as cold as a stone,
My limbs are tied to the bedposts,
But I have the good-sense not to moan.

©James Rainsford 2012

Note to readers: Posted previously, but in view of this weeks comic theme I thought it worth another airing.
Following my recent posts I thought it time for something a little more light-hearted. Don't even think about asking if this poem is true. Suffice to say my private life, has on occasions, been remarkably interesting. ;-D  Couldn't resist the photo.
Your comments are always welcome. 
Kind regards to all at the pub this evening. James. 


  1. LMAO hmmm interesting is sure a good word for it.

  2. your wife seems to be a woman for surprises...smiles..maybe next time surprise her with a cup of tea in bed when she wakes and who knows....smiles

  3. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful kick-off to my reading...still laughing James...but I should grow serious poetry appreciator for a moment and tell you that it's flawless rhythm and rhyme is brilliant! Now back to giggling...oh the pictures placed in my mind! ;)

  4. Made me laugh out loud - and like Tash says, the rhythm and rhye are spot on!

  5. hahaha you got what was coming to you get the coffee going in the morning being the first wife graciously has it prepped most days though so i just have to push the button...guess she figures i can handle that...smiles.

  6. A welcome jaunt into both mirth and lightness, with just a tinge of truth. Remember a man pursues a woman until she catches him.

  7. Is this the same James that asked me to wash his socks? HaHa! This is fabulous. The rhythm makes it engaging and rhyme pulls the reader to the conclusion.

    How long did you lay there before she released you?

  8. This was a fun one...and it flows nice that cuppa' would have if you made it yourself. Maybe it's better to just get up and do it yourself. lol! ;-)

  9. So funny. I, too, laughed aloud. I'm the one who turns on the coffee maker in the morning but the hubby's the one who gets it ready!

  10. I love this...I am giggling. Perhaps you shall rise to make tea next time.

  11. heehe can't function either without my mornin' cuppa Mmmm - loved it

  12. This was so funny...thanks for the chuckles ~

  13. Funny, James. My husband wonders if I am asleep as well ;)

  14. Mornings are tough indeed...great meter and rhyme. This poem gallops to a great ending. Nice job.

  15. Well...I'm just a laughin' and a grinnin' on that one! ;)!

  16. Ah, how I love the lyrical ballad, James, and such humour that comes close to home. Top marks :-)

  17. I like her - alot
    a woman's work is never done even when she sleeps
    nicely done James

  18. what inspiring message and humor.

    Glad to read.


  19. wow, the photo gives us an instant wink,
    your words sing.

  20. Oh, this was humorous for sure. Loved reading about your early morning "trials." Thanks for the smiles!

  21. Since it seems you wrote this a few years ago, I am extremely curious - do you still wake up to stone cold tea? This was a real joy to read and glad I got to get in on the smiles with this one. Spencer is Kanzensakura

  22. Such awesome humor in this piece :D a lot of people can relate to this. Fabulous write :D

  23. Ha, so fun, but I would not dare to do that.. Better cook the tea myself.

  24. I'm laughing out loud! Literally. We finally got a coffee maker that turns on automatically which solves part of the problem, but quite possibly takes some of the fun out of it. Thanks, James.

  25. LOL. We solved this just last month by getting an automatic coffee maker but now I see we are missing out on some fun.

  26. hahaha, I like the way she thinks!

  27. I missed the first posting, but it is a delightfully fun story!


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