Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mansions of the Mind

“Stone Walls do not a Prison make;
Nor Iron bars a Cage;”
Richard Lovelace 1618 – 1657

I dwell in mansions of the mind,
where memories of life reside.
Here my thoughts can swiftly hide,
as friends converse in sunlit bowers,
or stroll 
through gardens full of flowers.

 The sky above is azure blue,
but can display a darker hue
when I consign someone to hell,
to languish in my mental cell,
where at my pleasure,
they will face ,
cruel torments
of abject disgrace.

 Here too, in soaring halls of light,
bright laughter fills the quickening night, 
where loyal staff, prepare a place
when I no longer wish to face
the boredom of the commonplace.

My interiors are blessed with stairs
which rise to bedrooms, where await
dream lovers, keen to titillate,
and satiate my wild desires.

No earthly fires can cause me fear,
within my mansions of the mind.
For here I find tranquility.
A place in intellectual space,
where I can always safely be,
at one with all eternity. 

© James Rainsford 2012

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Kind regards to all at the pub tonight. 


  1. A place to go and thrive, that is all one hopefully needs to survive, great flow too!

  2. wow...your mind sounds like an interesting place to explore james...i am glad you find comfort there and safety...i dont know that we can all say the same...but that peace is def commendable...smiles.

  3. Can't tell if there was sarcasm there.
    Depression, Anxiety, tragedy, health and many more enemies can easily tear down the most secure mind. More importantly, without others, the wall crumble easily too.

  4. I think sometimes it is a good thing for the mind to reside with memories. It does sound, James, like your memories would have a lot to explore....nothing boring or commonplace for sure!

  5. Your sharing my heaven in this one James. In my mansions I can be everything I ever dreamed, and sometimes it's a simple case of fading away to being absolutely nothing. It is all, it is every thing. Fantastic flow to your words...and proof of heaven on earth. LOVED each and every word.

  6. I dwell in mansions of the mind,
    where memories of life reside.... a great and interesting place to be....nice write, James.

  7. I am imagining a house inside our mind, with hallways and bedrooms ~ That would be nice to escape to and just find your peace ~

  8. It is all in your head, you create your own existence. I like this, James. Well done.


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