Wednesday, 5 March 2014


There’s only now.
There’s only ever, now.

Lines can linger long upon
The printed page,
Where rage exhausts itself,
Transmitting thought
Down centuries of change
Promising a life remembered
Or, a future,
Where we transcend time.

Tempting us to live a half-imagined past,
Or dwell among uncertain dreams
Of futures filled with desperate hope.

The truth is:
Now is where we live.
There is only now.
There is only ever, now.
Now is all that ever was,
All that is,
And all which shall become.

© James Rainsford 2014

Note to readers: This poem was inspired by the words of Sam Harris. I've posted a link below for those who'd like to experience Sam's thoughts for themselves. I feel privileged to be alive to experience his intellectual honesty and liberating insights. I hope you too will find his views inspirational.



  1. You reminded me the poet lives his works

  2. it becomes so easy to live in the past or in hope of the future...
    now is df the time...i think though that our verse
    helps us process what is happening to us as well...

  3. agreed! very well crafted! thank you!

  4. The only time we have promised is the now. :)

  5. ugh, living in the past is so easy... I'm at a point now, where I realize, this is all I have - NOW. nice write

  6. there is only, but somehow we are always shaped by then.

  7. Now is where we live...

    ...I like that.

  8. Fantastic piece! The only surety is the moment in which we breathe...


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