Friday 4 August 2023



A Wedding Sonnet


‘What You Both Shall Know of Love’


What you both shall know of love,

Will not rest upon the romance of the hour.

Nor shall its depth be measured

By passion’s urgent need to gratify desire.

Love’s fire can only be sustained

When its dying flames are ever fed anew

With the true devotion of a loving heart

And close attention to affection’s needs.

For weeds will flourish in unattended ground,

But fondness grows where flowers bloom.

Make room for tenderness in all you do

And throughout life make constancy your aim.

So time’s capricious and corrosive sway,

Shall never break the vows you pledged today.



© James Rainsford July 2023



1 comment:

  1. Excellent advice for lasting union. This would be great to be read at a wedding ceremony <3 Thank you for participating in dVerse' Open Link Night, James!


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