Monday, 2 August 2010

            Floating Block of Flats Visits Dartmouth                                

'The World' in Dartmouth

On Tuesday 28th July 2010 a waterborne block of flats visited Dartmouth in South Devon.
Modestly named "The World," this buoyant block of expensive tenements moored in the river Dart like a floating 'Apart-Hotel,' which had somehow managed to detach itself from the waterfront in Benidorm and drift North.   
Unlike a normal cruise ship, this vessel's floating flats are for sale or rent to anyone with sufficient cash and the desire to live in an apartment which offers 'no fixed abode' status, together with the dubious advantage of experiencing prolonged periods of vomiting in rough weather.
Rumoured to be constructed entirely from recycled pots and pans it now transports 'aging pans' and 'wealthy pots' from port to port, in a ceaseless search for excitement, variety, effective medication and vistas new.
I wish them well.    

'The World' leaving Dartmouth

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