Thursday, 5 August 2010

The World's Best Limerick (probably)

A pretty young lass at a hunt,
Swooned when a hound licked her face.
When asked if she'd liked it
She replied no she hadn't
It's a good job the hound didn't bite her


  1. Great limerick - really enjoyed it!

  2. ha. nice play around with the form there a bit...and def a good thing it was not a hornet though i would rather not bee stung at all...smiles.

  3. Ah, the anti-limerick of Gilbert, sneaky!

  4. BEE-witched, Bothered and BEE-wildered!
    WHERE was that horny Hornet?
    Nice work here, Sir!

  5. Replies
    1. Of a poet named James I know little,
      Except that he's clever with rhyme
      He deliberately misses
      How the end lines should sound -
      At least all his rhythm's spot on.

  6. Very funny and clever. Enjoyed it, though the yellow jackets are buzzing here and I'm not fond of wasp stings!

  7. Blood brilliant James! (I can't stop giggling!)

    Anna :o]

  8. I'd say you've really got the humor down, even if you are poking' fun at the rhyme and the format!!

  9. I love this anti-limerick limerick. My Dad and I used to make up these unrhymed limericks, usually very rude! Yours was polite, the picture was gorgeous. I'd advise keeping away from hornets: I cycled into one once and my eyes swelled up until I couldn't see.

  10. The was a man who lived in Britain
    Whose words of rhyme sounded of not
    He played with a wasp
    Who wasn’t a hornet
    Leaving us stung in his hive of wit

  11. Ha, I guess you showed us there's more than one way to spin a limerick.

    Love the different drumbeat it this.

  12. Nice limerick James- daring to play with the form- you rascal! Urrrr hate hornets.


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