Friday, 17 September 2010

The Pope's UK Visit September 2010

Judging from the British media's sycophantic and inexplicably massive coverage of the visit of Pope Benedict XV1 one might imagine that the UK was a committed and fanatical Catholic country, instead of a deeply secular and irreligious land which has largely decided that Christianity is at best irrelevant, and at worst, a force for social divisiveness.
It's deeply depressing that the news in both print and broadcast media has been full of the dippy defenders of  'faith' and apologists for the insanity of Christian teaching. Ratzinger, himself an ex member of the Hitler Youth, has the unmitigated gall to compare secularists with Nazis. His ill informed attack upon secularism clearly indicates that he's truly concerned about the decline in the number those dumb enough to believe things without evidence. When he previously made comments about the pernicious and evil doctrines of Islam he was quickly forced into a cowardly retreat and humbling apology. I note with interest, that those suspected by the police of plotting to harm him, were allegedly, muslims. I doubt very much that he has anything fear from non believers. As someone once correctly observed: "All that is required for good men to do evil things is religion."
There are many forms of child abuse, and the Catholic church is guilty of most of them. Not the least of which, is brainwashing the young into believing such nonsense as, original sin, the virgin birth, winged angels, evil demons, talking snakes and the life denying nonsense of heaven and hell, which in many cases, profoundly impairs a child's ability to think critically for the rest of their lives.
One piece of indisputable evidence, which I'm really delighted to report is the decline in the number of 'the faithful' willing to attend the mass in Bellahuston Park in Glasgow.
In support of my assertion I post the following photographs.
Bellahuston Park Glasgow.  
The crowd at the mass given by Pope John-Paul 11 in June 1982
Bellahuston Park Glasgow
The crowd at the mass given by Pope Benedict XV1 in September 2010
All us believers in reason and science, should take heart from the above. Hopefully, if a future pope pays the UK a visit we'll easily fit all 'the faithful' wishing to attend mass, on a small village green somewhere.  

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