Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Murdoch, the Mendacious Manipulator

As a regular viewer of Sky News and a daily (no longer) reader of The Times, I've been both dismayed and depressed by News Corporation's sycophantic and obsequious  coverage of the Pope's recent visit to the UK. 

I find it difficult to believe, that any company as aggressive, ambitious, ruthless and in love with earthly wealth and influence as News Corporation could possibly subscribe to the core values of Christianity.

It begs the question therefore, why their TV channels and print media devoted so much time, space and complimentary coverage to Pope Benedict's recent visit.

One can only conclude, that News Corporation, has an unstated agenda. The evidence suggests that  they are deliberately promoting and encouraging religious faith, because believers in religious nonsense exemplify exactly those qualities which they value in their viewers and readers: ie: that they be gullible, uncritical, easily manipulated, and readily persuaded to unquestionably accept ridiculous ideas without evidence.

All I can say, is that if anyone needed confirmation of God's non existence, they need look no further than than the earthly success of  News Corporation and its apparent uncritical and enthusiastic support of the Catholic Church.


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