Wednesday, 3 November 2010


She had a nice neat arse,
But like a farce the label
on her blue and straight
legged jeans read “EASY”.
And like the proffer
of some special offer
I knew the label lied.
‘cause when I tried;
She sighed;
And turned me down.

© James Rainsford 2010

Posted to Jingle Poetry on Monday 23rd May 2011 as my Pot Luck contribution.


  1. I absolutely love this! So my sense of humour and very, very funny. The perfect read to get me started for work. Thanks James x

  2. James this is simply brilliant. Well observed and very funny.

  3. Too witty for your own good! This was great...still smiling as I write this. Seem to smile much when I'm here. Refreshing, original, awesome oneshot :)

  4. Ah, nothing good is easy, right? Well, with a few exceptions, your one shot, James. Makes its point easily, and with a smile.

  5. Simple, brilliant and very funny. Less is more. Love it.

  6. ha. if it was easy we would all be doing it...and even once you are in those jeans it does not make it any easier...smiles.

  7. Wonderful wordplay handled with the ease of a pro...

  8. Excellent false advertising? This was quite clever. Vb

  9. Witty and fun! Someone in advertising should pick this up, but I guess it's only in poetry and writing like yours can be this truthful!

    By the way, if I haven't said it, I'd like to htank you for that compelling photo used as a prompt on Sunday before last. I so loved it!

  10. Clever one, James. Thanks for the smile. Have to go now and check the label on my jeans.

  11. smart one.

    Thanks for sharing...

  12. Brilliantly witty take on the deceptive nature of appearances. :)

  13. Fantastic :) But I do feel sorry for you that she turned you down. Better luck next time!


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