Friday, 29 October 2010

Waterloo Road
Wednesday 27th October 2010

The End of Term

Now that the 10th episode of Series 6 has been broadcast it's time to revisit this academy of awfulness (see previous post) to report on further ridiculous plot lines and some acting so wooden it makes the average ventriloquist's dummy seem like a higher life form.

Last evening we were treated to the dubious delights of the end of term. Why this occurred in October is a mystery almost as impenetrable as why some of the female actors were cast as schoolgirls, when  quite clearly they are in their mid twenties.

It was also non uniform day, not that this would have been immediately obvious from the staff's dismal attire, who'd all turned up in their usual collection of poorly styled casual clothing, mostly consisting of ill-fitting jeans and scruffy polo shirts. They must all shop at 'fat face.' I was surprised not to see this depressing clothing chain credited at the end as the supplier of costumes.

The major topic of this episode was Alzheimer's disease, a subject so serious and spectacularly unfunny, that I wonder why the producers thought it a suitable subject for a comedy drama about a dysfunctional school. God forbid that future scripts are now going to address serious social issues, instead of maintaining the high level of farce they have so far, consistently managed to achieve.

Still, poor Grantly's problems provided so many opportunities for mutual hugs among the cast, that at times it was like watching a love in at an Equity Christmas party.

Finally we witnessed the long awaited appearance of Bex Fisher, the head's long lost and sadly lamented daughter, who went missing years previously, presumably to avoid being clothed in the same tasteless manner as the rest of her family. Played by Coronation Street totty Tina O'Brien she at least proves a prettier piece of eye-candy than Grantly Budgen, who, now he has extra worries, appears more like a depressed Basset Hound than ever. At least the delectable Bex looks just about the right age to join the school's geriatric V1 Form.

I look forward to the concluding episodes next year.

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  1. I enjoyed your last post on Waterloo Road. This is equally hilarious. Keep on posting James, you're writing is a real tonic. Thanks for making me smile.


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