Monday, 27 December 2010

Come Fly With Me

Lucas and Walliams

'Come Fly With Me,' the new 'mockumentary' from Lucas and Walliams, which aired on Christmas Day, completely failed to leave the ground. This pathetically unfunny offering made the dire 'Little Britain' seem like the pinnacle of comedic brilliance. 

Set in a provincial airport, which looked suspiciously like Bristol, this uninspired attempt to send up the real documentary 'Airport' failed on many levels, particularly those in the air and on the ground.

Part of the problem, was the fact that the original 'Airport' was genuinely amusing, with a real cast far more weird and naturally funny than any of the contrived and manufactured grotesques invented by Lucas and Walliams' severely limited imaginations.

As a critic has already observed, the programme wasn't even worth the time spent in make-up. Despite the make-up artist's best efforts, the pair still managed to appear so revoltingly contrived, that they made all the scenes unwatchable without cringing embarrassment. Their cretinous creations were also certain to frighten any young children unfortunate enough to be viewing this unbelievably puerile drivel.

All that us hard pressed licence fee payers can hope, is that the pair of mindless married pilots they have created become so distracted in their confrontational cockpit of domestic strife, that they crash their plane into the airport buildings, killing all of their charmless characters, and burying this pathetic nonsense beneath the terminated terminal once and for all. 


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