Friday, 24 December 2010

For a Friend Buried at Saint Mary’s Churchyard Hawkesbury

                                                           Spring has arrived here again;
                       Growing its colours across
                       The quilted countries of your truth,
                       Finding in each waxing moment
                       Fresh fertility, to form anew
                       The atlas of familiar fields.
                       Fields, where you had grown,
                       Enduring many seasons of time’s pulse.
                       Learning as you grew,
                       That even here, where in the mist
                       Of last November’s thin grey rain
                       We left your winter mound unmade
                       Spring would return; to conjour
                       From your fading flesh
                       The irony of birth.

                       Growing from your final bed
                       The transmuted beauty
                       Of posthumous flowers.

                       © James Rainsford 2010

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