Wednesday, 1 December 2010

 Miliband the Younger

Miliband the Younger. The one who fortunately, looks a little less like Mr. Bean, than his elder brother. but who persistently acts with less perception and intelligence than Mr Bean ever demonstrated, even at his most insane.

If the best that the Labour party can offer us as an alternative to the Cameron/Clegg cock-up duo of incompetent, unprincipled and manipulative public school privilege  is Ed Miliband, then God help us all.

Unfortunately, Ed possesses all the vision and charisma of a tree sloth suffering from early onset dementia. He has about as much chance of becoming the focus for opposition to this government, as a polar bear vying to become the king of the jungle, and no amount of positive socialist spin can disguise the fact that Ed is sadly, already dead.
Having clearly demonstrated his ruthless and unprincipled ambition by deliberately standing against his own more talented and experienced brother, he now seeks to persuade the nation that he is a fit and proper person to become our future Prime Minister.

The possibility of him becoming Prime Minister is as likely as Wayne Rooney being appointed a professor of astro-physics at the University of Cambridge.

Eds real problem, is that he has no credible policies, no believable vision for the country's future, and no way  to credibly distance himself from the failed policies of Labour's disastrous past.

I would love for our country to have a strong and electable leader of the opposition, but Miliband the Younger is certainly, not it.


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