Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Making up

by James Rainsford
The arched brow receives
Its morning line of painted black.
An eyelash is brushed back in
Concentrated hush, to veil the
Failure of your naked face
To race the blood of strangers
With desire.

The pale lips purse, to meet
The skilful touch of chosen gloss.
Revealing much, of learning skill
To thrill those men with envy
Who cannot possess your masked caress,
Nor leave your bed, with lips
Impressed by red and glazéd
Stain of vain pretence.

This daily ritual of the mask
Becomes a task of no surprise.
I see your peacock eyes express
The lies, which colour hides
From those exposed to self imposed
Concealment, of the true and
Newdawn beauty of your face.

©James Rainsford 2010

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  1. A nice read James-makes my eyes smile!

  2. James this is lovely. I have missed you!

  3. vivid capture..
    love the image.

  4. the lies which color hides...mmm...nice verse james...i like the truth behind the mask...

  5. A beautiful kissproof poem! :)

  6. very nicely done! ~becca

  7. Wow, this is quite something. I enjoy your words very much.

  8. a fitting piece.
    beautiful job.


  9. Ah, yes..the deceptive ritual of makeup. I'm guilty. I consider it an act of kindness to those who have to look at me.

  10. every women does it and what can i say haha.. there's alot of truth in what you wrote james.. here's mine..


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