Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Women Who Amaze Me Most

by James Rainsford
The women who amaze me most
are those who boast a body
close to perfect.
Then, elect to dress in less
than is required to prevent
my tired eyes from rising
to observe the tantalising curve
of well filled blouse, or
arouse my baser feelings
with revealing sight
exposing, toes to thighs
a glimpse of leg which begs
my chance unhurried glance
to pause, and cause reaction.

But, the action which they take
to quickly make some small
and fake adjustment to their dress
reveals the sweet distress
my eyes caress has caused.

They are aware, their choice attire
has stirred desire, and yet react
with tactile skill to close the split
which tempted it to surface.

I’d love to kill their expectation
for a thrill inducing chance
to show their slow, deliberate disapproval
of my supposed unwelcome glance.

Yet, just like less self conscious men
I find myself ensnared again,
to render satisfaction to their skilled
and ancient action, to elicit a response
they can wantonly reprove
with one smooth and practised
movement of a hem.

© James Rainsford
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I really hope this photo doesn't distract the boys too much from the poem. After all, it's the poem that demonstrates the talent. ;-) 

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  1. Extremely astute and beautifully captured. I liked it a lot.

  2. ha...nicely played...i wonder what we have lost of the mystery in the show all styles of the day...

  3. Nice where's the poem?

    But seriously..very well put..very clever.

  4. Stop hacking my computer for pics of my girlfriend! lol Seriously though, the women who amaze me most are artistically inclined.

  5. You sure do put words together playfully here. It was a fun read :)

  6. ok so first james...tell me...did you actually take that picture? hahaha
    and there was a poem attached to this? smiles....i remember this one...

  7. Brian, I have often dreamed that I took this picture. ;-)

  8. I really could not concentrate on your poem.... so I had to cover the picture with my hand (if only it wasn't just the picture my hand was touching...) ... Where was I? Yes, the poem had very nice internal rhyme and rhythm, you are really a skilled wordsmith.

  9. Did I sign a release for that picture?

    Wonderful, I needed the chuckle and you displayed your talent with great effect. :)

  10. I know it's hard to resist those pretty girls. The picture told a story and so did you. It was are your photos. Enjoyed this, James.

  11. Couldn't help but tally up the number of male vs. female commenters. I'm a bit envious of that lady. The prompt was great, James and I've read some wonderful poetry that emanated from your photography. Thank you again.

  12. whew...what a picture..i mean...what a's great...both..smiles

  13. Wonderfully descriptive and sensual poem (and picture). Definitely a man's kind of poem. LOL.

  14. Well, you have captured the essence of why "Mad Men" is such a hit, ha ha, the garters and all... Nice photo, and thanks for providing such fertile ground for dverse. My dverse poem, using your girl by the ocean:
    Also, yy take on a similar subject not too long back, from the woman's point of view... Peace, Amy

  15. I love it, James! (what poem?) Kidding! The poem reminds me of a game I used to play when driving; When I'd pass a pretty lady, I'd give her a quick smile, then when I could see her in my rearview mirror, I'd look to see if she was checking herself out in her own rearview mirror. Almost all of them did this!

  16. LOVE! And while I may be giggling and blushing just a dear James, it is the shoes that this old heart covets!

  17. I made a poem based on a picture too but too late to linky-in. It is a great prompt James, thank you.

  18. Fantastic rhythm and rhyme to this poem, James and it rocks! It also resonates very much with me and reminds me of a poem I wrote almost three years ago about who a woman is dressing for - debate rages in this house as to whether she dresses to attract compliments from other women, or to attract "..caresses from the gentleman's eyes". I'll have to dig it out and post it.

    Thanks for this fabulous poem.

  19. Thanks for all the comments. So pleased most eventually were able to focus on the poem. ;-))


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