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September Meeting

by James Rainsford
It was you,
stranger in a strange land;
possessed with eyes blue as hyacinths,
innocent as birth,
blameless as death’s cold love
for all our brief imaginings.
You, who called from hibernation
all those great and sad perspectives
sharp with joy and desolation.
You, who faced me with such instant love,
that I, caught in the slowness
of low expectation,
almost failed to perceive
how in your voice “forever” breathed.
And through your life lost kingdoms moved,
and were restored for me.

That you should be the catalyst for this.
The last great journey of the mind,
where separation from the sound
of solar wind was healed.
Where I became the stuff of stars,
and knew myself to be at home
in strange unconscious streets, whose
temporal testament to many gods
flowed stoney through my blood.
That you, though unaware, should
see the supernova of my heart’s
last true and guileless grief,
to leave a pulsar at my soul
so black, that life itself
is captive at my core.

That I should be made whole
for just one moment by your touch,
and meet again the Angel of the Elegies,
who at Duino had vouchsafed
a vision to a fellow mind
which would have understood
how through your eyes
infinity surprised my soul,
and startled me from sleep.

©James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers.
This was written to mark an unexpected meeting between two, who became lovers, soul-mates and ultimately, strangers. It marked a very significant period in my life which I remember with an intense longing and infinite gratitude. It also echos my love for the poetry of the incredible Rainer Maria Rilke, who was my inspiration at the time of my love for the subject of this poetic token.

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  1. Hearts never again the same...
    a beautiful poem with a story needing to be told

    Thanks James


  2. james you capture those feelings so well. as i am sure they are vivid being aa turning point in your life...after touches as such they will never be the same...smiles.

    1. lovers to strangers...sadly it happens man...and then what? a hard place to end up for sure....nice trip int he way back machine for this one...smiles....

  3. Absolutely beautiful poem. I think the section "You, who called from hibernation
    all those great and sad perspectives
    sharp with joy and desolation."
    Really sets a tone of great depth. And I must say, your photographs of women are amazing. Wouldn't mind stealing your Rolodex. Cheers

  4. 'September Meeting'...I am new here James but had to comment on this incredible piece of writing..."how through your eyes infinity surprised my soul, and startled me from sleep" all the ways to express romance, to find the words as you have here, makes me want to live all over again, just in hopes of experiencing a love so great I can write a poem such as this one...thank you for sharing your story and the wisdom you offer...

  5. Strong and heady, full of life's wine,here you've not only communicated the inner and outer nature of your experience, but brought me the remembrance of my own. Fine mature writing, and the Rilke reference is most apt.

  6. James my friend, I followed this with splendor via my mind's lips. Your verbiage flowed easily through my silent stature while reading, yet resonated loudly and related so well in context. The inspiration buttered the icing on the proverbial word cake. Hopefully I can reciprocate tommorrow in some level.

    A pleasure,

  7. this poem makes me want to pick up my pen and write again! too long i have tapped away in cyberspace forgetting to reawaken my soul searching and romantic perspectives on paper.truely inspiring and for me a chance to see inside the heart of a man

  8. Gentle remembrance of a powerful emotion, not tinged with the sting of bitterness. I like this poem.

  9. What a delight to discover your blog, James!
    (You've got a new Follower)

    You're a Renaissance Man? (Funny, I would have guess you being much younger than that - LOL!)

    Now you need to start brewing your own beer or bottling your own wine.

  10. wonderfully written...a great share..all the best pete

  11. This was quite intense and quite personal...very well done! Vb

  12. I am hoping this effort to heap praise upon the author will be as intensely appreciated as this wonderful piece of writing I have been treated to today. The striking eyes of the gals who pepper your page are always breathtaking, but this particular shot really speaks to the piece you have chosen to accompany it. Soulful, heartfelt, longing, loss, living, so beautifully wrapped up in your wonderful words. Amazing...again!

  13. Absolutely exquisite, James. So tender and heartfelt-- you make it new. xxxj

  14. I'm so taken by this, James, that I can barely find words to comment, except to say it is VERY poetic, very indeed. Great rhythm, flow and language that draws me in to the story.

    Sad to say, I believe that when love is so intense, it is very fragile. That seems to be what comes throught this fantastic poem.

  15. It tugs at memories,James! How wonderful to reflect back from a chance meeting to be in a relationship. Never mind it doesn't last but memories always linger on! Great write!


  16. A poem that conveys successfully its manifest of longing and loss.

  17. A situation I can relate, though not perfectly. You bring the feelings and memories to life in a beautiful way. This is a wonderful read!

  18. I love your metaphors and images that take us on a kind of three-dimensional journey - through history, through heart, and most poignantly through the heart. Each symbol unique in its usage and dimension. Superior writing!

  19. Oh this one speaks straight to me, especially:

    You, who faced me with such instant love,
    that I, caught in the slowness
    of low expectation,
    almost failed to perceive

    I completely feel this. Good job, James, thanks for sharing your love with us here.


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