Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Song for an ex wife

by James Rainsford
Last night,
At the moment between sanity and dream,
The conjuring I had acquired to keep you caged
Was cancelled by a stronger spell.

For even after years,
You came unbidden to my bed,
And tempted love into regret.
Even here; within a bedroom you were
Banished from by my desire,
You found a way to lie
Your ghost beside me,
And possess the still and sleeping form
Of yet another stranger by my side.

When you first left,
To live apart through our
Shared motion of the sun,
Destroying days with dark mementos,
And nights with savage wakefulness
Where all alone, I had invoked
The Furies, to pursue your faithlessness
Through every hope you treasured
And held dear,
Fear of my wish for your decay
Had marked each day,
With lies to mutual friends,
Who heard I wished you well.

Yet even now;
I burn within the hell
Which I unleashed for you.

© James Rainsford 2011

Posted to One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday on 12th April.
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  1. dang james...this is a painful read...the ghost that reside in our beds and what we do to keep them or once they leave...nice one shot.

  2. Caught in a vortex that never releases you
    An excellent piece my friend


  3. This says it quite well...all that negative energy just reflects back on the source. Sad tale well told. Vb

  4. James! You do hurt just as well as you do humor. My goodness! Felt every line, seen every image. very happy to have found you!

  5. An arresting and interesting look at a difficult subject, James. Thanks for an engaging read.

  6. the essence of what remains from a partnership which has left you with such strong sentiments, images taunting you from every one of your senses and you lay out each word with such intensity i can feel your emotion to my write as you do is expressing life's moments into an eternity...beautiful poetry...

  7. This really speaks to me today. Wow. Amazing writing!

  8. It's never as simple as our anger and our pain want to make it--cutting the cord cuts both ways, and leaves a bleeding wound, as you've expressed so well here. The language is painfully beautiful at times and sadly true all through.

  9. My sincere thanks to all who've read and commented.
    Your views are truly appreciated. James.

  10. Wow you really went deep on this one
    Not adding one bit of fun
    Could sense the hurt you conveyed
    This was very well wrote and made
    props on the great read
    Glad I stopped by your feed

  11. Reflective poem about anger and past but ironic as well, great one

  12. WoW! Hauntingly beautiful. Loved reading this.

  13. The night time world has its own agenda...

  14. Geez dreams can be so real and disturbing, like this poem.

    Haunting, for sure. These darn mind and heart ghosts.

    "yet another stranger by my side" how awesome a line is that!? Well... awesome!


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