Sunday, 17 April 2011



                                                               Who Will?


                                                               How many thoughts depart
                                                               each time a mind goes out?
                                                               How many brilliant, or dull dreams,
                                                               does death disperse?

                                                               Who will wonder why,
                                                               when we’re all gone?

                                                               © James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers:
Thought I'd post a poem to my own photo for this week's photo challenge on One Shot Poetry.
It's been enlightening and humbling to read so many thoughtful responses to my photos. Thanks to all who've contributed. James. 


  1. A sparkling, rhetorical gem of a poem.

    Can't thank you enough for a wonderful One Shoot Sunday, James. It's wonderful to witness many poets enjoying the work you've shared. Some excellent, inspired responses based on your photography.

  2. I suppose that "why" won't matter, then.

    Your photographs are lovely andmake wonderful prompts, and it was a fine idea to present a choice.

  3. thanks for your great pics ...your contribution on the wordy side is really poignant enjoyed it very much ..thank you

  4. These and many more thoughts along these lines I've been thinking lately. Your succinct poem captures them very well. Thank you for the wonderful photos for us to use as inspiration. They certainly brought forth a plethora of jewels today. I've enjoyed them all. The tube escalators were particularly inviting. Were they at the South Wimbledon station? I was going to write a tube poem but couldn't quite realize it in time. I thought at first it was Charing Cross but it wasn't quite right I didn't think. I think London is heaven and I feel most electric myself in tube stations. Thank you again.

  5. When we are all gone, the why will return as dust to some knowing star! A quiet thought with a T.S.Eliot overwhelming question attached!

  6. Thank you for your amazing photos as they certainly do inspire... I missed the link, but would love for you to take a look at my prose...

  7. How interesting to read your poetic interpretation of your photo, and you voice a question I have often asked myself: Where does it all go? The energy, ideas, longing... life.

  8. "Who will wonder why,
    when we’re all gone?"

    Powerful ending! Thank you for so generously sharing your wonderful photographs.

  9. A very thought provoking photograph and a lovely poem voicing some of the most unanswerable questions in the universe.

  10. thank you for a wonderful group of pics for one shoot...was a delight to write about...that last question...heavy...nicely done james...


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