Friday, 20 May 2011

                           What About Now?

                           What about now?
                           Must we wait until love dies?
                           Or, can we lasso light and
                           Capture in our fragile arms
                           The joy which sunshine brings,
                           Leaving loss to wither
                           On dead boughs
                           Like last year’s fallen
                           And forgotten leaves
                           Transforming lives forever?

                           The death of decaying seasons
                           Forever fades, bringing once again
                           The majesty of spring,
                           Where you and I, can tenderly
                           Bear witness to the frailty of love.

                           © James Rainsford 2011

Posted to Brian Miller's 'Friday Poetically' on 20th May.
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  1. i think love can be the most frail and the most strong thing in the world...loved your majesty of's both majestic - spring and love..

  2. seasons change, even in relationships, they are inevitable but we are not abandoned to their whims...nice write james...contemplative...

  3. Really lovely, "lasso light" a very compelling thought. Very nice piece ~ Rose

  4. I really like the image of 'lasso light' :o)

  5. Let us allow seasons to change but feeling to grow from frail roots to an abiding strength.

  6. In every now, a spring, a transformation. Lovely write. - Brendan

  7. frail and strong. Yes, it must be nurtured with care. Joy and loss, the opposites so wonderfully expressed throughout the poem.

  8. yes indeed... What about now?

    beautifully written piece portraying an important message.
    love it!

  9. Your words complement the photo perfectly, the sun and the union, and the desire to hold on to it all as long and as hard as we can. Enjoyed it much, James.

  10. Lovely and lyrical, James. the compression and accretion of questions is compelling...xxxj

  11. I love how beautifully you associated the rebirth of love with spring. Beautiful, lyrical lines.

  12. And yet, despite the losses, most of do keep trying. Lovely poem, lovely photograph.

  13. The questioning structure of this poem works so well, James.

  14. amazing word painting.


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