Tuesday, 17 May 2011

To Sally, for what might have been.

                                           I journeyed to an unfamiliar place,
          To frame your known and lovely face
          Within the small yet feeling space
          Between the fond intention of my hands.
          And, had no plans for you to know
          How time dilates the slowness of
          Our separate days, where we both stay
          Disguised, among the wrong established choice
          Which younger voice thought right.
          Yet for tonight, you let me see
          How it could be if others claim
          To call your common name; were through.

          Why then, should I feel blue
          Now that at last you’ve said,
          “I love you too?”

         © James Rainsford 2011

Posted to One Shot Wednesday on 17th May

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  1. mmm...quite the conundrum...if you felt love of the other you would not be here...and now to find someone willing to love you leaves you rather hollow...

  2. James, I am always so happy with my visits here, and this is no exception. Really enjoy this piece when read aloud, as the form is perfection and it rolls off the tongue like a song. Bravo, dear poet friend! Another brilliant Oneshot!

  3. This is touching and wise, James. I also am taken with the short piece below it--both bring that tightness in the throat that only regret gives us.

  4. good stuff. sometimes we get what we want and realize we don't want it. or we're not sure what to do with what we've now got.


  5. I love your poems -- this one, too, is amazing in its simplicity and honesty of emotion.

  6. A sweet lament, James-- i love "fond intention" and time dilating space-- always a pleasure to stop by here. xxxj

  7. "wrong established choice
    Which younger voice thought right"
    How I identify with these words! LOL. But you see I removed you semi-colon? Was it a typo? It didn't seem to fit, to me...

  8. Lovely poem =)

  9. lovely...excellent rhyme within...cheers pete

  10. You have such an ability to take a common emotional experience to an extraordinary place.

  11. seduction is like that, and sometimes we don't really even know what we want or need. well done.

  12. You have bravely explored a seldom attempted angle on relationships - the part where the chase is over and the 'what happens next?' takes over. A difficult transition, perhaps impossible if another has the prior claim.


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