Friday, 24 June 2011



Mountains may seem unscalable,
whilst you appear available.

Both suppositions may be frail
when it’s just the fear of
failure which prevents events,
and wents only remembered
as occasions that occurred.

From all I’ve heard
reality requires risk.

For death demands that
a degree of dare be spare,
for living to be less a chore,
and more a rare affair.

© James Rainsford 2011

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  1. So very true, have to live a little and not always fear the unknown, as one could get hit by a bus any day, plus no risk, no reward.

  2. To live a full life is to take risks. And that takes a lot of courage. Because we fear failure, that is so true.

    The picture compliments nicely with your post.

  3. James! What a perfect weave for the prompt...what is life if we are too scared to live it? What legacy can we ever hope to leave behind if keep ourselves in check as everyone else would have it...I am so trying to be true to me...and fighting all the battles and doubts that come with it...this inspires me HUGE today...and I LOVE the it one of yours?

  4. From all I've heard, reality requires risk... brilliant and accurate. Nicely done James.

  5. the last stanza says it all. nicely penned.

  6. Love the way this piece builds to the exceptional final stanza. Great write James. Thanks

  7. really nice internal rhyming....and reality does require risk...and some times we lose it all but if we fail to try what then is our life really?

  8. fits the prompt to a virtual tee. love how you took as is and made something of / from it :)


  9. was here before but was a fun revisit...again reality does require risk...been mountain climbing as well and it pretty intense..i have a fear of heights for my kids...terrible recurring nightmare of them and that...anyway, side tangent but...

  10. Hi James...glad you found Poetry Jam and linked here. I also hope that we will see you again. I do think it true that reality requires some amount of risk if it is to be less than boring. If a person doesn't risk, he/she doesn't live. As your poem said, we cannot go about living in fear...

  11. Life is certainly full of risks. I enjoyed the internal rhyme and kept wondering if it was a type of form I am unfamiliar with (and I am not familiar with many forms so I always suspect that when I see rhyming of any kind!)

  12. To live we must take risks. You express this well.

  13. life once in a while we need to dare things out... we can't control the coming of danger / trials / complications...those are already inherent... we only seize 'em and be know we're not too fragile to face 'em... smiles...

  14. Dear Inveterate Reprobate,

    Here's to climbing mountains.


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