Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Fortune favours few
who rue the past.
The fast don’t last,
the slow go
just the same;
Name forgotten.

And although the deal is rotten,
a game where only aces reach
the top
might stop,
Unless a common duce or trey
turns up to make us stay.

A loose duce can prove worthwhile
and raise a smile.

 Most have smiled
when jokers wild surface
to surprise the smug who hug
a full hand.

For even the lucky lose
and losers sometimes win.

© James Rainsford 2011

Posted as my contribution to One Shot Wednesday at the incomparable One Stop Poetry. 

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  1. Yes if taken literally I can atest to the unlucky sometimes winning, as I took a greedy casino for quite the haul once. Wish I could do it again, but not going to push it..haha

    And the tables almost always turn, whether in life or gambling, just have to know to quite when you're ahead, which most don't.

    Enjoyed how you used cards as a backdrop, nicely done.

  2. Well, there's hope for me yet! lol Good use of the gambling metaphor...enjoyable read.

  3. Love the card picture too.

    Don't put your luck and money on those cards.. nothing lasts ~ the only one who wins are the owners of the casinos.

  4. all in how you play the you are dealt, and sometimes on where the lady luck smiles....hard to tell at times when you are favored as it will sneak up on you

  5. It's always nice when the roles reverse and extraordinary things happen for the ordinary. I really enjoyed your flow. The quick nature of words rolling appealed to my poetry tastes :)

  6. What a witty poem.. one never knows what cards will fall from that "life" deck.. I have had a few of each i do believe..
    thanks for sharing and will be back to peruse your library!

  7. You've dealt a fine hand here, my friend. I'm smiling at the joker wild.

  8. I liked the joker luck as well. Ahh..and most certainly, sometimes the loser may win, I won yesterday.

  9. What wonderful musical notes you have infused into these lines. Strong message contained within!


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