Thursday, 25 August 2011


Men and Multi-Tasking

Those claiming men can't multi-task
Should look upon this photograph
And ask themselves can this be true?
For clearly, when there's much to do
Some guys can drink and talk and screw.
Thus proving, when the tasks are fun,
It's easy to do more than one.

James Rainsford. 2011

Note to readers:  Simply couldn't resist composing something to illustrate this compelling image.
Hope you find it amusing. Sometimes verse can inform the lighter aspects of life. Your feedback is welcome. Please click on the comments tab below to record you views. Thanks for visiting. James. ;-)


  1. hahaha gotta love when the tasks are fun, see how you couldn't resist that.

  2. Yes, but everyone knows a man can't drink coffee unless a woman makes it for him, can't talk unless it's about sports or business, and can't find a clitoris with a both hands and a Google map.

    Aw, I'm teasing. Sort of. :-P

  3. This reminded me of a witty limerick in its jaunty pace and 'naughty' subject matter. Just the thing after a long and stressful week ;)

  4. Love this, James. Very nice writing!

    here is my "kiss" entry:

  5. ahaha! I wonder which one will get cold first -- the coffee, the call, or the woman ;)


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