Monday, 29 August 2011

What dream is this?

What dream is this?
That you and I
may kiss tonight?

A folly from afar
has placed starlight
in your eyes,
and its twinkling
brightness just belies
the sighs and cries and whys,
which will surely follow this.
Our first, ice-crystal kiss.

©James Rainsford 2011

Note to readers: My first post to Gooseberry Garden. Your views are welcome, please click on the comments tab below. I'll try to respond all who leave a comment.


  1. I like your closing line our first ice-crystal kiss. I think you have really captured the kiss. I have tried my first poetry challenge on Gooseberry Garden. I really enjoy this poem very much.

  2. Looks like a very sweet kiss..picture is perfect too !

    My share for this prompt ~

  3. very delightful and blissful.
    Glad to see you share.

    Happy Poetry Picnic!

  4. Great capture of the moment, also like how you described the kis as ice-crystal.


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