Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Game

It’s regrettable,
but unforgettable
how female forms
flatter the fickle.

What’s the matter
is that skillful patter
can only satisfy the frame.

That game at least is understood.

The name, however,
requires much
that such small talk
cannot fulfill,
Or ever has,
Nor ever will.

© James Rainsford 2011

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Kind regards to all at dVerse Poets. James.


  1. i must be fickle for i got a tingle...smiles...but how much more intimate teh name...

  2. smiles..for a moment i did not think i'm really on your blog when i saw the pic..the name is what goes deeper..true..fine poem

  3. When we females--and males play this game in some ways we all lose--lovely work!

  4. I am always surprised by this side of you James but I find it interesting to see what the men have to say on these things. Small talk is never enough..he..he..

  5. That game annoys the heck out of me, but we all do or at least have played it at some point or another. Yep, got a good tingle too...haha

  6. Love the photo. Nice frame!

    And games to play. But for the play, not the "winning." Perhaps that is understood?

  7. Wearing your heart on your sleeve in this one-- that's good. I often lament the great communication chasm between the sexes in my own life, James--bravo for this one. xxxj

  8. Goodness--I'm getting a headache just looking at her all bent up that way. And so do we often contort ourselves playing the game you artfully illuminate. There was a rock n roll song back in the day here called "What's your name, little girl," which seemed to imply there is at least a peripheral concern even among the biggest players. Your rhyme here is very pleasing to read.

  9. So... what's her name? ;)

    Love the piece :) It goes deeper than the frame :D

    Great job :D

  10. Oh dear, she should find a more comfortable chair :) Your poem (nice rhyming) pokes at several things for me, the shallowness of many who judge based on image, the loss of identity, the value of knowing the depth of a person and perceptions of beauty (skin deep versus the whole person). Fabulous poem.


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