Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Saving Slaves

It does not have to be
that we must forfeit freedom.

The current change arranges
strange new landscapes
for contemplation by
the mind’s dark caves.

Be sure!
The saving slaves will come,
bequeathing wild winds
to whistle through
the wandering  thoughts
of newly idle men.

And this, can mark the when
that sees our reasons
bloom in room fresh found.
To find that mind
is more than just a store
for mundane pain
occasioned by the need
to feed the body’s plea
to see the dawn again,
and tread the mill
that robs the will of strength
to fight the night which everywhere,

The end Greek freemen knew.

Few create the greatest gifts.
Production of the true
and polished curve of marble gods
required that the rods be used
on men abused by freedom,
to serve the talent and make time
to spend in epic rhyme.

For those whom fortune chose
to favour with the craft and art
to part the years,
linking generations with the thought
so dearly bought in bondage.

They laid the prize
which opened later eyes,
and prompted ‘whys’
which surface still
amid the spires
and learned domes
of academic stay-at-homes.

We have the chance
to rearrange the dance.
So that the wings
which let the poets soar
could be attached to more
than just the few
who threw good men away,
to wait the day when all should end.

© James Rainsford 2012

Note to readers: Posted as my contribution to week 26 at dVerse Poets. Hard to believe that six months have passed since the pub first opened. 
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Kind regards and a happy New Year to all at dVerse Poets. James.


  1. Wicked internal rhyme in this, James, and I can only agree on the sad spirit of the age you explore here so well.

  2. This trip along so nicely! It rolls off the tongue in a playful manner while holding the topic in focus, great work!

  3. True, they think they are advancing but alot of this crap just seems like a step backwards, kicking us aside, but then it's all about the money.

  4. to me this could be the anthem of many an prompt future questions and hopefully lead us some place better...

  5. A thought provoking, James. Sometimes I wonder....nice write.

  6. You speak a very serious message in this playful weave of words. There was a time when the great poets and artists we revered, held up and listened to. But we have become much too comfortable, and as we continue to sell ourselves out of complacency and indifference, it will be us who will awake to our late to speak up. (Hope I haven't TOTALLY misconstrued the intent of your words...but I am quite happy with the message I'm leaving with!) Almost forgot what a wonderful spot yours is to visit, Sir.James! So happy to see you this evening :)

  7. Well said and beautifully presented.


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