Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Form and Feeling
“I’m pissed as a fart,”
slurred the girl,
as I imagined the part
she would play
in this climactic end
to a long lustful day.

She was a tasty bit,
with body warm,
but meagre wit.

It’s sad when form and feeling
fail to fit.
So that, the flesh
is robbed of all romance,
and fantasies of tight,
white pants,
are soiled by a reference to shit.

©James Rainsford 2012

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My kind regards and best wishes to all who pop in to the dVerse Poets Pub this evening. 


  1. Nice rhyme play today! Why would anyone say such a thing? That would just spoil/ruin any mood. Maybe she just wanted to fertilize the soil?

  2. Sadly, I know what you mean-(-though I had to translate the word usage in the first line US 'angry' to UK 'drunk' to get the full flavor of a fallen flat moment.) I like to see these words used properly and brought out maturely, as here--too many silly taboos about them, and this poem shows clearly what they're good for. Another excellent write, James.

  3. I passed a woman on the street not long ago; a tall black woman, well dressed, who walked like a head of state. I thought, wow, cool lady. Then as I walked on, I heard the most ignorant, profane voice behind me, asking for a cigarette...yup, the same woman.

    Seeing your name on the list at dverse tonight makes me realize that your blog has not appeared on my dashboard in donkey yonks. I wonder why? I have missed visiting.

  4. ha yeah that might just ruin the moment...yes i hate it when that happens many would just press on in the lust of the moment but you give pause...

  5. James...I am busting a gut! (Hope that's not too vulgar an expression for one who is normally poetic...kidding!) Never judge a book by it's cover...or try to predict an evening's end before the wine has been drank! Still smiling and thinking of all the wonderful examples I could share...but I just might run with this and offer up my own version ;)

  6. I have to laugh! Some shit had to show up and ruin the moment. Clever. You led me along the desired path and then twisted it at the end.

  7. Glad Hedgewitch educated me in the correct usage of pissed :) Loved this, nice to know a man might take pause in an instance like this!

  8. Quite an enjoyable write...comparisons are biting. Enjoyed this ~ Rose


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