Friday, 24 February 2012

Memory of a Winter Lakeside at Dawn

Across the chill, still, silent water
of a child’s winter lake,
a ghostly iridescent drake,
creates a chevron wake
to break the thin veneer of liquid skin,
and scoops an arc of amber spray,
to catch, the first bright burst
of morning light, that marks night’s
sudden death with dawn’s revealing rays;
which lays across the shining, sheer
as glass tranquility of a surface free
from shock, the burning brilliance
of the sun’s relentless clock.

©James Rainsford 2012

Note to readers: This was an attempt to compose a word picture. To recreate in the mind’s eye a powerfully remembered image from my childhood. Only you can judge if I’ve succeeded. Please click on the link below to record your comments. Thank you for visiting. I'll respond to all who leave me a comment. James.


  1. oh you surely have succeeded... sometimes i think that as a child you sense nature around you much more immediate than we do's those first times..seeing the moon for the first time..remember when my son discovered her...he was very small..we were on a night walk and suddenly he saw her shining in pale beauty and he was spellbound, pointing with his small finger up to the night sky and just kept repeating...the moon, the moon... still gives me i'm filing your comment box with my personal stories instead of telling you how much i liked your poem..smiles

  2. The images unveil through the poem mirroring the sunrise. Everything in nature revealed in words that connect one to the other in sound, color and feel. Well done.

  3. great visuals def succeed...and loving nature you delight me as well...gorgeous piece man...made me want to sigh

  4. Wonderful! What a nice little bit of sanity for me today - just what I needed! Thank you.

  5. Great image and I love the irregular rhyme and flow of the words!


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