Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Relationships Grow Wrinkles

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Relationships grow wrinkles
far beyond the power of creams.
And care-worn skin grows paper-thin
beneath time’s fleeting dreams.

We can’t remove, or iron smooth
the lines which mark our life.
Or repair the love we share
beneath a surgeon’s knife.

We should treat gently what we treasure
not crush the hopes of lovers.
For unlike skirts or rumpled shirts
we can’t iron the hurt of others.

© James Rainsford 2012

Note to readers: The inspiration for this poem was the very arresting photograph, which captured my attention and cried out for a response. It was a while in gestation, but suddenly last night I had the title and first line. The rest was born very quickly.

Posted as my contribution to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. Your views are welcome and I’ll respond to all who leave a comment.  Kind regards to all at the pub tonight, particularly the inspirational 'hedgewitch' for hosting this evening's event. James.


  1. "For unlike skirts or rumpled shirts
    we can’t iron the hurt of others."

    We can put cream and bandage to soothe pain but it takes a long time to get over the hurts.

    And yes, that is an arresting picture. I too get my inspiration from photos, and viola, the muse comes. Happy day James ~

  2. That is indeed am arresting photo, James. Your poem is as true as it gets--the damage we do emotionally is much harder to repair than the crumplings and rumplings that we can physically iron out. So glad this one came in time for OLN.

  3. "...And care-worn skin grows paper-thin
    beneath time’s fleeting dreams."

    Love these lines. Excellent piece, so true!

  4. what an interesting picture...seems like that might leave a mark...ha...

    so very true your wisdom on relationships...i think they def change over is up to us to determine which direction we want them to takes intentionality...

  5. Love this ....true we can't iron the pain and we can't take it away once it's there. Great !

  6. Deep stuff James but very very true. Sometimes in relationships we do try to paper over the cracks. When someone' you love hurts you (like- properley hurts you)- this is difficult to undo. I really enjoyed the rhyming form ( I'm a big fan of it). Thought this was very well put together with some great lines. Well done sir!

  7. Ah, great form...the poem I mean, lol. I do like the internal rhyme very much, and those are wise words.

  8. Wrinkles don't matter as long as you remember what is underneath. Wonderful work as I have come to expect here. Good morning :)

  9. A lesson for us all to take heed of. I'm quite nifty with an iron, besides.....!

  10. Excellent words James (and I knew they would be excellent as soon as I read the title).

    We must treasure what we love and although it is true that physical love in a partnership mellows with time (lust to mutual respect), love on the emotional level (should) remains constant - well, it does for me!

    Anna :o]

  11. Eloquent and simply elegantly stated, to take care the words we use so as not to hurt those we love and who love us. Living causes quite enough pain.


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