Monday, 9 July 2012


Some minor character in a TV Sunday play
was asked to pick a day, (just one mind you)
that he would wish to live through once again.

And, do you know what?
Even though he seemed quite sane
he could not think of one.

Yet, don’t think this odd,
for even God, (speaking on a late night show)
was slow to answer.
And when He did, admitted that the question
had outwitted even Him.
“The past’s been grim.” He said.
Adding, that the question was an unfair test.
But that, if pressed, He guessed
the best was still to come.

© James Rainsford 2012

Note to readers: Been away for a while, but now pleased to submit this to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. Hope everyone has been productive and happy in my absence. Kind regards to all my fellow poets. Please click on the tab below if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. i tend to agree....if i truly relived a day i might be afraid i would screw it up and then that day be lost forever....the best i think is yet to come...and i like that even god had a hard time with that one...smiles.

  2. ah, which day indeed...lets pick one still to come.

  3. The best is yet to come, and wont that be fine....
    says it all, until these bones become but dust.

    These are really VERY HAPPY words.
    US (Uncle Steve)

  4. Tongue-in-cheek.
    Nice to think about which day to choose.
    Hmmm, got one. Do your guarantee a second coming:-)?

  5. "“The past’s been grim.” He said." -- ain't that the truth. With the advent of the internet, it's still somewhat possible to revisit the past, in the forms of posts and comments and conversations with others. And it's almost never a pleasant experience. Here's to better days to come!

  6. Hi James-- this is witty and clean, James-- deceptively simple! xxxj

  7. Brings "Ground Hog Day" to mind. Yes, probably best to focus on what is to come.

  8. I had to chuckle at God being on a night time talk sad that someone couldn't think of a day to relive again...I could & would, given the chance (although there's many I wouldn't)...enjoyable & thoughtful poem :)

  9. The best is yet to come :) nice!

  10. The past is past...and best is yet to come ~

  11. James, Love your logic. I have to agree with Louise about the humor of God being on a talk show. I'm almost afraid what the tabloids might say to that. Thanks for the smile :) Well done.

  12. One wonders, is the hesitation because there wasn't one good enough, or too many to choose just one? Yeah, I'm thinking God had it right on the talk show. Nice original rhyming in this, James.

  13. "'the past's been grim.'" that might be true, but maybe the idea would be to revisit one of those particularly grim days in order to see if there is something you can take away from it (that you may not have already seen) in order to guarentee that "the best is still to come."

    very thought provoking...


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