Tuesday, 29 January 2013

       The Literary Critic  

On TV, a critic
exclaimed with conviction,
he could never accept
  a poetic fiction,
which included as part
of the verse makers art
the word “proceeding”.
He thought it was leading
to a too legal reading
of words meant
to inspire not tire.

The PC pallets of literary lice,
can sometimes entice
a poet of promise
to sadly forget,
the whole of language
is caught in his net.

And that,
the freedom to choose
the words he may use;
is his own.

© James Rainsford 2013

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  1. ha nice..this is really cool..the whole of language caught in the poet's net and heck...why not use a bit off-beat words at time...wonderful...wherever it takes us..poetry always stretches beyond borders...smiles...much enjoyed your piece james

  2. true man...there is a point when it becomes less art and more manufactured BS of the literary machine....poetry should be wild and free...and a large field in which we play and take delight in words...smiles.

  3. Yes sir, we should never forget that we have the entirity of our vocabulary to use, and freedom to extend it if we so choose. And we should never let what others might tell us is good or bad style influence the word choices we make. Each voice, each viewpoint is unique and shouldn't be stifled by the self-proclaimed arbiters of good taste.

  4. A fine spray of Pyrethrins (it certainly was nice) in the well-deserved direction of the literary lice!

  5. Couldn't agree with you more ;-)

  6. Poetry should be wild and free!

  7. "And that,
    the freedom to choose
    the words he may use;
    is his own."

    Indeed, to choose his own!! Liked this, simple, to the point AND an important point it is. One should never write for the critics, but always write for oneself!

  8. We run naked & invisible, seen but not visible, yet never invisible--for our words carry the nectar of truth; we bravely compose, create within & without parameters, piercing the pods of every genre, the myth imps, the historical bugs, the sci fi nerds, the romantic mush-eaters--and we do so without remorse, our 21st century minds invigorated by where we have been, and still might go, while trampolining on the now like toddlers hanging in the air without props. Good on you, sir, you depressed my button, and the muses rushed out like harpies ready to rumble.

  9. The whole idea is expression, correct? Free to express your inner n outer being n making a form of creativity, uniquely

  10. Yes our creative thoughts expressed freely. Sounds like the plan to be unique without judgement.

  11. Superbly said. And is that pic yours?

  12. My word! I love the literary lice )not literally but you know what I mean). Excellent!


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