Thursday, 21 February 2013

Any Dream

Photo: copyright James Rainsford

Any dream of might have been
destroys a scene
faster than a fork of lightening
fells an oak,
which reared a thousand years,
and wept no tears,
in growing, or in going.

For some, a tree
may be no more than wood.
Which could have been by-passed
but for its lasting value to
the few who saw the trees
to profit from a landscape
left with silence.

Mark well that birds have gone,
and where their song
once echoed through
the green,
the scene
is stark
the prospect dark,
and, people,
more fruitless
than the forests,
here take root.

Possessed of static seasons
their expectations are all of winter.
A splinter from their touch
would kill dreams faster
than it takes the last
and tallest tree to fall
to leave us all in landscapes
lost in dust

For in the face of futures
which depend on what has been,
a dream or two can go astray,
but if none stay,
we’re dead,
before the final bed, is made.

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to readers: First posted last week, but taken down for amendment.  Here's the re-edited version. Best regards to all at dVerse Poets.


  1. its rather haunting james...the what might have beens can surely suck the life out of us...esp if they are beyond our grasp...another key in this for me is in the line...their expectations are all of winter...what we expect in life as well...felt piece man...

  2. I enjoyed the previous incarnation of this poem - and I enjoyed this one too.

  3. What might have been.... hard question. A splinter from their touch would kill dreams faster.... great lines in this, James. I enjoyed it.

  4. The first stanza is almost a dash of cold water to the face, so abrupt is the insight it brings--you expand throughout and bring a sense of profound regret for our foolishness, for what we make of life's possibles, and what we destroy. And a gorgeous photo, as well.

  5. I always enjoy your work, James (poetry and photography). Reference to the birds, or lack thereof, brought home the message for me. I'm fortunate to be in the California desert for a while, awakening to the songs of mockingbirds.

  6. I like the beautiful message of the tree ~ These lines resonated best with me:

    the prospect dark,
    and, people,
    more fruitless
    than the forests

    Lovely share James ~

  7. No might have been about it... this was good!

  8. humanity is scary company. trees are so powerful emotionally and ecologically. scary times.

  9. Beautiful photo, & poetry. I'm partial to trees... as well as the message in your well thought out lines. A message I tend to need reminding of time and again, so thank you.


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