Monday, 11 March 2013


Now that AIDS, and frigid maids
and strident anti-men brigades
have fucked-up sex,
and money-crazed moguls
and mad-mullahs of hate
have fucked-up everything else, 
Let’s consign man's savage breed
to seed the cosmos with his dust,
And end forever the constant pain
of his brief uncaring reign.

We should build a bomb so large
the fabric of space/time would rock
and the void between the stars
would shatter with the dreadful shock.
We'd mark our species final end 
with a bright celestial light, 
that night and us shall cease to be,
and all eternity will know, 
 our absence, as no more, 
 than fragments of expanding fire
which distant aliens may admire.

And yes, I'd do the deed today,
press the destruct button all the way. 
What in the end though, stays my hand,
is the love we two have planned,
and the way you gently tame
my dark desire to end the game. 

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to Readers: Yes I know, somewhat bleak and pessimistic from me this week. Sometimes life throws us a destruct ball. Posted as my contribution to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. Your views are always welcome and I'll respond to all who visit here and comment.
Kind regards to all who visit The Pub tonight.  James.


  1. love is the thing that changes everything and gives us a whole new perspective as well.. such a gentle voice in that last stanza..

  2. There is so much that needs to end...thankfully love can stay the hand of destruction. Great write!

  3. its a powerful piece man...would a reset of that magnitude really work? and is the love that holds us back or pulls us back from that edge worth it? i would like to hope so but there are def days i feel you man...

  4. James, a powerfu write. Somedays you just wonder.....

  5. Hi James - I lost my first (long) comment. Ha. This is a very interesting poem - certainly the anger and disappointment are palpable, and yet they have that narcissism and almost grandiosity that we all share when we feel especially bad - the idea that one must not only destroy man, but earth, night and even nearby planets--and they are tamed even in the style of the language and line in such a sweet way - it ends up being quite a personal poem. A very cool movement here. Thanks. k.

  6. Wow, that was fantastic -- Loved the spin at the end along with the inconvenient realism!
    And who knows, maybe the refuse of our folly and self-destruction will be the food of a better being, born by the same relentless experiments of evolution. Who knows. Heck, it could even be us -- if we all keep lovin'

  7. a poem well written with a thoughtful message for us,each line speaks the truth making us to think...great..True pure love conquers all..GOD<3U


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