Monday, 25 March 2013

A Friday Poem

In almost the last sun of summer 
a Friday afternoon soon passed.
And time itself seemed fast,
as past and future ceased to be
while we sought to twist eternity
into a shape where we could dwell
untouched by time’s decay.

Yet, no day could last the pace.
Your face required more attention
than our time allowed. 

The crowd did not exist.
And I missed nothing of your smile,
as lunch-time-halves-of-bitter-men
jostled at the bar.
All were as far away
as possibilities that you,
and I could say enough
to stay the-tick-of-time,
or turn, with all our passionate desire
the coming winter to an instant spring.


time’s the thing,
which takes all dreams
and makes all ‘seems’ the same.


though, I know, the snow will fall
to cover all we shared or had,
I feel so very, very glad
the earth had brought one magic day 
to match my thoughts of you,

So new, and yet, so soon to die.

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to readers: Posted as my contribution to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. This was written to celebrate a long lost moment, spent with a long lost love. Your views are welcome and I'll respond to all who visit here and leave a comment.
Kind regards to all at dVerse Poets, James.


  1. Well this was such a delicate romance...beautifully expressed.

  2. while we sought to twist eternity
    into a shape where we could dwell

    wonderful lines james...and i think we can all relate to wanting to hold time in those sad though the covering of snow to white it all away...the inevitability of an end....

    1. Those were my favorite lines as well, stunning poem James

  3. Lovely lines here, James. Love it.

  4. i esp. love the part with her face requiring more attention than time much to read in a face... and such a beautiful sketch of a special moment, i can understand that you wanted to twist eternity..smiles

  5. James, you have linked so well yourself to that long-ago moment...and linked me there also. And...WHO has not been there? But few could make it so real and now/present as you, Sir.

  6. Time, so fast and fleeting ~ Who hasn't experience this delicate and beautiful thing ~ Specially love the last line ~

  7. James, this is exquisite. Your use of end-rhymes and internal rhymes really carry this along - the images invite the reader to linger and savour them slowly.

  8. we sought to twist eternity
    into a shape

    Absolutely delicious, James.

    (I tried to comment earlier but I don't think it took so I came back.)

  9. Bitter sweet. And lovely. Seized the moment you seized the moment, it seems! Nice.

  10. A sensitive rendering of a short-lived love revisited. I reread this and you obviously paid attention to the details liek rumoursofrhyme pointed outl. It is so personal, like a diary entry. And as we age, I think I can understand: the coming winter to an instant spring.

  11. loved your poem as it is close to my heart. Dropping by from dVerse.

  12. This made me feel like I was watching a movie, in slow motion, and all the world around was in a haze, except for your characters. You write beautifully. I am amazed at how well you captured the mood in this poem. Stunning!

  13. Brilliant! -- the glory of transient pleasure lived fully.

  14. One precious moment in time, so beautifully captured. Loved this.


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