Monday, 1 April 2013

 Guesting in Dreams

When guesting in another’s dream 
I hope I seem a friendly soul
And play a reassuring role
Dispelling fears so they may reap
The fruits of calm unbroken sleep
And help them wake refreshed, and free                
Of care, with thoughts of me
To make them glad I’d brought delight
Into the drama of their night.

Unlike when guests invade my dreams
Bringing landscapes full of dark
Where ghouls and demons bay and bark
Where through some trap-door in my mind         
They enter to torment, and bind
My thoughts with chains of fear
That I may not escape from here
Caught forever in their net
Before awaking bathed in sweat.

I wish when acting in my dreams
My guests would bring me peace, not screams.

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to readers: Posted as my contribution to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. I'll respond to all who visit here and leave a comment. Kind regards to all at dVerse Poets. James.


  1. might want to watch what you eat right before bed...smiles...yes if only the guests in our dreams were a bit more hospitable than the walking dead...smiles...and interesting thought to how we act in their dreams...

    1. Oh, I liked this rich and dark within dreams. Who knows who will visit within a dream friend or foe..dreams are raw in textures.

  2. Um...I sure know when to visit...the form is flawless, the rhythm and rhyme superb...and the subject matter a little too close to home! James...this is quite simply fantastic, and for me...frightening! ;)

  3. I wish your dream guests would bring you peace not screams.

  4. love it!
    I have often apologized to those who have played nasty roles in my dreams
    as if it was my fault for casting them

  5. James, I enjoyed this. I hope that when I guest in others' dreams that I bring joy as well. But the truth is I will never know, nor will you. I definitely resent the rude guests that sometimes visit my dreams. I would like to banish them to a faraway place unless they can observe proper protocol.

  6. Hilarious! I never thought about being someone else's guest. But I must say, my guests are often very nicely behaved -- sometimes too nice. ;-)

  7. Wonderful! And your expert application of meter guided the eye and ear.

  8. Indigestion, Scrooge suggests as the cause for his dream visitors. I have rarely suffered as you. But had good results when I was ready for the Goddess Isis, whom I met in a dream. Impertinently, I had prepared, and so asked her, "What gifts do you have for me?" There turned out to be three She gave to me, all rather mysterious but each ultimately significant in the light of the ancient Egypt of 3,500 years ago...


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