Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Poem upon the Death of Margaret Thatcher
 Prime Minister of Great Britain 1979 - 1990

How to tell the truth
when all conspire to twist
History to reflect the aspect
they themselves admire?
Acolytes will never tire
of worship, as those whose
frailties were exposed by her,
will never tire of hate.

 Her greatness in the end,
will not depend on noble deeds.
But maybe, on the narcissistic needs
of those, who’d close whole chapters,
just to ensure the poor
shall have no story
worth the tale.

And as we praise her legacy,
raising eyes to heaven
in her name,
it’s best to reflect,
that fame, like fortune,
is diminished by the taint
of time’s corrosive touch,
and she who values selfishness
too much, will in the end,
be more despised, than prized.

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to readers: Posted to mark the death of a very divisive British Prime Minister, whose ultimate legacy must unfortunately, be left to the unreliable testament of History. I'm just pleased I've survived long enough to pen this poem to her memory. 


  1. I clicked the "follow" button based upon your "About Me" entry alone...and then I discovered your stunning photographs!

    1. Fine. I'm pleased you enjoyed them, but what's that got to do with my poem?

  2. Hi James, I like the way you balance this poem and tell it like it is.

  3. A moving piece about a very famous lady.

    How to tell the truth
    when all conspire to twist

  4. Regardless of political persuasion it should be said that no man dead or alive was any match for her fiery determination ( balls) We need more women of this ilk in politics.She will always have ardent supporters throughout history.

  5. A good piece, she definitely led an interesting life! Nicely penned, James.

  6. It saddened me to hear the news of the reaction to her passing and it wasn't sorrow for her but for those who loved her. I'm not well-schooled in politics and wouldn't comment that aspect even if I was. I will say that your poem is well written and expresses your thoughts with great eloquence.

  7. Well penned, James. It's a hard one, isn't it? I'm not one to dance on graves, after all she was a frail old lady at the end. I definitely feel that the greed and selfishness she promoted, is unsustainable in the long term against the backdrop of global warming & lessening oil reserves. However, she was certainly a huge figure and definitely changed this country (for better or worse).

  8. Well stated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  9. the iron lady... she was an interesting character for sure...and heck..she was determined in everything she did


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