Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Need to Tell

“My language is the universal whore whom I have to make into a virgin”
Karl Kraus.

My need to tell translates my thoughts
To words which have been tarnished
By the constant touch of common tongues.
Leaving language tainted by the
Coarseness of Plebeian lips.
Words are my tools in need of transformation,
My task to buff them so they shine like new.
Bringing to my work, a truth
Beyond the blemishes of time.

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to readers: posted to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets. The quote by Karl Kraus describes the poet's task to perfection and I've long thought of writing something to expand its relevance. Finally, I've done it. I leave it to others to judge whether I've succeeded. Kind regards to all at dVerse poets. I'll respond to all who visit here and leave a comment. James. 


  1. Wonderful words & sentiment, sir. You & Tony are up for the "Poet's Pride" award--if there was one. You nail the poet's struggle in a few short bursts of specificity; thanks, makes me want to write a poem immediately.

  2. yes. think that's what we all stive for...take those old and commonplace words and make them appear in a new light to share what's on our heart

  3. polishing our words to give them truth beyond the blemishes of time...very cool....we can hope our words might one day rise above us...smiles.

  4. There is something about words..we all use them everyday but, long to find the perfect words to express all that is within.

  5. Well, pretty hard to get beyond time, but very important to make our words as virgin as possible! Resonance is good too, but you know, originality pretty great. Very interesting poem. k. This is Manicddaily at wordpress - I am on a mobile device so it wants to use an old blogger blog I once had. Take care, k.

  6. My task to buff them so they shine like new.
    Bringing to my work, a truth
    Beyond the blemishes of time...great lines and so true.

  7. Somehow makes me wonder what Shakespeare would think of his words and how they are expressed today in movies, plays, etc.

  8. Oh yes, I totally relate to capture the motivation so well.


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