Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Final Silence

there are no birds,
or flowers,
or running
hand in hand.

hopeful eyes,
once mirrored
in imagined futures
reach their final view

parched lips,
upon whose
cracking flesh
wine flowed,
laughter bubbled,
and love pressed
his brief desire
now fade.

lined hands,
once moved with gestures
touched by dreams,
claw the winding shroud
with talons of despair

I care,
for everyone who
not knowing
where the time has gone,
or why.

we die
no closer to the truth,
yet having known the
intense fragility
of ephemeral youth.

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to readers: Posted to Open Link Night at Diverse Poets. I'll respond to all who visit here and leave a comment. Kind regards to all, James.


  1. i really love the second to last stanza, it's so deep!!

    Fancy HOV Ridin’

  2. those last 2 stanzas made me think of Jodi's poem tonight...the connection we all have and how all death is the end hopefully we have understood that fragileness just a bit....

  3. I'm not sure there is a truth to be fouind unless it's to be found in the act of seeking it itself.>KB

  4. The second and fourth stanza really captured the essence of the poem with powerful words as you wrapped it up with intensity.

  5. 'hopeful eyes,
    once mirrored
    in imagined futures'

    Imagined futures are important but so trapped filled too.


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