Monday, 19 August 2013

The Grim Reaper

 If you must come, as come you must,
Don’t come in winter and awake
The fat cat dozing by the fire.
And don’t appear in fertile spring
When birds begin to sing of love
Above new shoots of verdant grass.
Summer’s not the time to call
And is the least good time of all,
When nights are light, and loved ones
Bright with hope, can’t cope with death.
Autumn might just be OK,
Unless I’m feeling fine and well
Then it would be capricious
And suspicious if you call
When all of life’s still full of fun.
So, when all is said, and all is done,
Perhaps it’s best you do not come,
At least for many seasons still,
Until my will to live is spent
And I can welcome you with love.

© James Rainsford 2013

Note to readers: As age increases, so too,  do thoughts of my own mortality.  
Your views are always welcome and I'll respond to all who vist here and leave a comment. Kind regards, James.


  1. Ditto! As age creeps up on me, I find myself thinking more about how short life it. In my novel I had a line, "It wasn't death she feared--it was not being able to live." Live on, James.

  2. I agree, death shouldn't come until you can welcome him as a friend. That's the only way to defeat death... reminds me strangely of Harry Potter and the story of the deathly Hallows... :-)

  3. Nice.. You well created the desire to live in these words. What a creative way of reprimanding death from coming for you!

  4. They used to say that there were only 2 certainties in life; death and taxes. Apparently taxes are now negotiable if you have enough money, which only leaves death to be overcome. Having had a close shave with my own mortality not so long ago, I too want death to steer clear for many more seasons yet.

  5. smiles...we would all like the grim to come in our time...if only that worked you know....even in the end if we hope for it, it still takes its sweet time....

  6. I love this - reminds me of "If Ever I Would Leave Thee" from Camelot. My sentiments as well - to everything a season and I don't wish to go until the joy of all this wilts and my aches and pains supersede my love for it.

  7. The shadows of death are always lurking..we can only hope that Mr. Death will leave us be until we have had a chance to live a long full life. A great write on the dark side of life.

  8. A delightful take on the grim reaper--and yet--the ending feels appropriate

  9. I really like this! It's unique and quirky, a Fab combination (I think) on the outlook for this subject

  10. What lightof a dark topic ~ and the vibrance for life shines through, eager for more. Thank you.


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